Dream Reader

(Autocorrect changed this to “Dream Rear” which I found amusing.)

As outlined in my introduction, I have four completely separate topics I’m planning, which will appeal to four separate audiences and therefore four different dream readers.

I can just about visualise a dream Reader for my posts on my book. I’ll need a lot of feedback and encouragement to carve out something readable.

“Go and ask the guy at the ticket gate,” I insisted in my crude Spanish. She shook her head briefly and looked as though she was going to cry.

I was beyond frustration. We had dry-run the route twice already and I would not be able to accompany her to her language course as I had to return to work. If she got lost in London she would have to speak to someone in spite of her limited English.

While I was thinking what to do next, she turned and ran from the station.

I caught up with her and we walked back home in silence. At the garden gate I paused and said “We need to go back.”

“I can’t do it” she sobbed. “Open the door please.”


I knew my voice was rising, but I could not help myself.

“What are you going to do here if you can’t speak English? You’ll hate it and you’ll want to leave. Don’t you want to stay with me?” And I could hear myself whining too. Brilliant.

“When is my return flight to Colombia?” she asked. She was referring to the fact that I had bought a return plane ticket as it was inexplicably cheaper than a single.

Did she really want our marriage to end because of such a simple thing? “It’s not for another five months” I lied. In fact it was for the following weekend…

So far so wooden right?

I think that one of my problems is that I often feel like I have to hurry dialogue along but then when it’s finished, there’s nothing to move on to.

I worry that the protagonist in my memoir won’t be likable and this will limit the appeal of the book.

I’d really appreciate any suggestions on how to get it to flow better.


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