New year, new blog, new introduction post.

Darf ich mich vorstellen or “May I me introduce” as my German teacher used to say.

What I’m hoping for out of blogging in 2015 is simply the following:

  • A connection with someone who is interested in employing me to work remotely.
  • A book deal. More on that further down.

It’s a lot to ask from a humble blog 😉

More realistically, I’m going to hone my writing and hopefully have some interesting conversations.

Things I may or may not blog about, in descending order of likelihood


It’s one of my favourite topics (along with politics and economics, but I’ve always been warned not to talk about those in public)


Historically I’ve been terrible at these, but I think I’m starting to figure some stuff out. I think it will be interesting to refer back to notes from this era to see my errors how wrong I was.

Married for 10 years with two kids in case you’re curious.

Life Story

I think I’ve got a book in me. My wife has just published a memoir which has moderately terrifying content, and I have an alternative viewpoint.


Over the last 10 *cough* … okay 15 years I’ve clawed my way as high up the greasy pole as I’m likely to get – about a foot off the ground. I’ve had a lot of conversations about work with colleagues. What have I learned?

To anyone who knows me: don’t worry, I’ll keep it high-level 🙂


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